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You Save: 3. IC disclaims all liabilities for damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site. Buy Gir Cow Ghee Online. Q1: What are Desi Cow milk advantages? Indian Desi cow milk primarily contains A2 milk. It promises its customers proper digestion, weight gain, increases memory, and intellect after consumption. 00 FREE Delivery. In general mediators would try to dominate your decision by telling different stories, appreciating about cows, giving examples on how this cow is better and why the price is worth this cow. Hf cow - minimum 16 to maximum 25 liters milk per day 2. 80. ) 14995/-7999/- Buy Now. It has been started with a vision to provide superior quality Organic A2 Ghee, Gir Cow's Vedic, Pure Vedic Ghee in Mumbai and India. By 1910 over a thousand head were exported annually  Free Market for Gir cow owners and Indian cow breed farmers. Find wide variety of herbal panchagavya based natural ayurvedic products made from Cow Urine, Cow Dung, Cow Ghee, Curd and Cow Milk. Order highly nutritious desi cow milk, chemical-free milk available in Delhi. When you say best desi ghee brand, I assume in quality First, lets see what makes ghee better quality and then how the brands can accomplish it 1. Cowboys is the retail arm of Trunks and Roots, a company dedicated to dairy activities and allied agriculture Indigenous cow commonly identified by their body structures like hump, dewlap, forehead, this structure is present in all Desi cows, this hump in Vedic cows has a specific vein called “surya ketu nadi” and this vein take in radiations and energies from sun, moon and all other luminary and the divine effect of goodness shall be add in milk, ghee, dung, urine. Wide range of Panchagavya A2 Cow Ghee, Pure Honey, Hand Churned Ghee, Desi Cow Ghee, Panchagavya Medicines, Dant Manjan, Skin Lotion, Cow Dung Soaps, Cow Dung Dhoop and many more. If you can't, do not let their decision dominate you. Buy the best pure ghee online by Aatman Agro pvt. We are one of the few farm fresh desi Gir cows A2 Milk suppliers & brands in Pune. This page is to promote Desi Cows Milk which is healthy delicious without any side effects iOrganic Farm Fresh Cow Milk. | ID: 16336819730 A2 Ghee - Buy A2 Vedic Ghee Online. "Desi ghee is made only with cow's milk and no preservatives. Free advertisements and No broking charges - No Commercial Efforts for Gir Cow Farmers. Call +91 9677227688 & Buy Cow Ghee Online at very lowest price in the market. If you are buying a cow from animal fair, avoid mediator. Presence of desi cow milk suppliers and consumers is catching up in India but more visible in the peninsular region. Cow milk & other cow products get delivered to your doorstep right from the farm This video covers the three #HaryanaBreed cows , which are of Good Milk Yield 14 Litres Milk per day and which are also available for sale @Village #Bond, District-Dadri, Haryana. It is not just popular in India, but it is also well-loved in South Asia and in the desi cow milk natural and fresh milk from your own cow free of cost just pay delivery charges, call 9902215775, Hurry! limited offers, only in Bangalore Desi Cow A2 Milk Now Available in Pune. Gaukranti is one of the biggest online platform to buy panchagavya based desi cow products of known gaushalas and manufacturers from across India. com : A2 Ghee Desi Gir Cow's Vedic Traditional Grassfed Ayurvedic Medicinal Ghee, 16. Especially organic leafy vegetables like palak etc. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Jan 11, 2018 “The average cost of desi cattle went up after this. At AmulOnline, you can have various delicious varieties of Ghee available for you. 500 product would probably made from milk of unknown origin may be crossbred cows(A1 milk). Handcrafted selection of the best Desi Cow Ghee available in India. The use of cow dung during holy sacrifices (Yagya) is sacred and Yagya is not complete with out cow dung cakes. These breeds theoretically produce a lot of milk, but are not well-adapted to Indian conditions. Price. We are GoMataSeva. Cow dung is also used as fertilizer in India. Fresh raw desi cow milk is boiled and set to whole curd using traditional culture. A2 Milk available in SVS farms which is very high in proteins is extracted from the DESI Cows Patanjali Cow's Pure Butter (Desi Ghee), 1 Ltr Total price: $49. Satvyk’s Desi Gir Cow Ghee is free of cholesterol, preservatives, artificial colors and chemicals. Ethical process and hygienic standards. If the HF cow has two teeth and in first calving with milk yield of 10 to 15 liters per day then the price of the cow may be between Rs. It was similar to the regular adulterated ghee we can get at cheaper prices or make at home for a lot less cost by melting jersey cow butter. Dairy Farming; First Golden Step. If the HF cow has four teeth and the milk yield is 20 liters then the price of the cow is above Rs. This helps to burn the stubborn fat in the body while regulating your metabolism. 500 to Rs. | ID: 10820288148 Market price of pure cow ghee varies drom Rs. The online shopping of ghee has been made even easier with products like Amul Pure Ghee, Sagar Pure Ghee, Amul Cow Ghee, Sagar Cow Ghee - all available in different packets of Tins, Pouches and Refills. Go-Desi milk is pure, possess high nutritional values and of great quality & taste. 40000- 60000. The Patanjali Cow Ghee is a pure desi ghee made from the best quality cow’s milk. 00 & FREE Shipping. Here, we have listed Best Cow Ghee Brands indulge in the market. Price is Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk. Foreign cow milk is one cause of CANCER. Com (IC) is free and not for profit website created for the benefit of Farmers, Students etc. Captains Farm missions are to be recognized as a premier GIR cow farm in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and to provide customers, 100% pure chemical free A2 milk. Cow should belong to local region ( Vechur cow belonging to Kerala region gives better quality of mi Energise your mornings with organic and pure cow milk from Pride of Cows, one of the best milk brands in India. Desi Gir Cow Ghee is prepared by warming Makkan at a very low temperature and thus keeping all the nutrients intact. The whole curds is churned with a wooden churner in vilona bilona method (alternate direction churning) to obtain yellow butter the butter is converted to ghee on full moon day on cow dung fire (the healthiest fire). After incubation, this composition is further churned using the ancient methodology into cultured butter, which finally simmers into ghee. See more ideas about Cow, Desi and Cattle. Desi Cow Ghee. American Cow murrah murrah Jerman. SAVE DESI COW Breeds. Sheo Narayan who has worked in IT Industry since 2001. The use of cow ghee does not enhance cholesterol in our body and it is not harmful for the heart. Urban Farms Delivery Pure And Fresh Desi Gir Cows A2 Milk In Pune. In others that subtly say 'Ghee' or 'Pure Ghee', they've either used buffalo's milk or in all probably mixed both to keep the price down. A2 whole milk from desi Gir cows. The goal of this farm is create a working model of Natural farm for others to follow. Red Sindhi:Mainly this A Indian cow produce milk 7–8 months and 7–12 litres a day. Pious Milk is an Organic farm fresh Gir cow A2 milk produced without adulteration. desi – dedicated to organic " Indian Desi ". Satattva signifies the real essence of Desi Cow Bilona Ghee which has always been the true Ghee. A really good-looking Kangayam bull, for instance can easily cross a lakh or so, in today's  Amazon. It is one of In 1860 1,138 cows were exported via England, the average price being £16 per head. We have preserved domestic Indian origin desi Gir cows at our dairy farm in Pune. jersey cow price in india I want to start a dairy form with invesment of 7-8 lacs i want desi cow / cros bread cow with milk capacity of 12-25 lit. Go Desi – Farm Fresh Desi Cow A2 Milk – DIrect Farm To Home. The milk from hybrid cow is a mixture A1 and A2 type of milk. Aabad . 2400 which is desi cow ghee online available at our online store. The idea of Cowboys germinated with the founder's dislike for the taste of the milk and vegetables available in the Indian local markets. Our mission is to protect, preserve , and improve India’s indigenous cattle population, which are called gou, desi, or Brahman cows. Free Shipping. HEALTH BENEFITS OF Ghee has a very bright history and the Vedas, Ayurvedic Samahitas, and Yoga Texts contain frequent references to Indian cow ghee in many places for several purposes such as maintaining health, promoting healing and ceremonial uses. What is the desi cow milk price? The Indian market has quite a good number of local and mega brands of desi cow milk. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Suresh Desi Ghee: Desi Cow Ghee & Its Medicinal Uses in Ayurveda. (Inclusive of all taxes) Aabad Pure Desi Cow Ghee, 500 ml Jar. This breed is renowned all over the world. The pricing and availability of India's Best Gir Cow's A2 Vedic Ghee. com or call / What's App us at +91 9824050078 with Order ID Cow Ghee / Desi Ghee / Pure Ghee India - 100% Pure & Fresh Indian Cow Ghee / Village Cow Ghee For Ayurvedic Health Benefits, Improves Memory Power & Intelligence, Glowing Skin, Immunity Booster & Cleanses the Intestines. Our mission is to supply quality of organic products produced in our farm at Andole and Battuguda – Desi/gir cow whole milk , Desi-Gir Cow Ghee and farm fresh organic vegetables, fruits , Sugar free rice, millets and cereals. Desi Cow Dung Cakes : With our tradition of making cow dung Cake from holy breed Gir cows grown in perfect environment; it gives purity and goodness to dung as we provide healthy food to cows. 42K likes. 1 At Desi Cow A2 Milk, our team delivers fresh & pure, high-quality desi cow milk Delhi. Pure desi ghee is a superfood which has got its comeback on the Indian dining table again. Desi Cow is a common topical treatment for burns and rashes as well as a great moisturizer and massage oil for the skin and scalp. To return a product, you can Drop a Mail To Divyakamdhenu@gmail. Gir Cow Milk Per Day? Gir Cow Price? Where to Buy Gir Cow? Points to be aware before you Buy Gir Cow!!! Gir Cow worthy for Dairy Farming? Safeguard yourself from who sale Gir Cow? and many more … Join Online Training Program. Contact Gouamrit to buy desi cow milk at best price in Delhi that contains only the best casein protein. A2 milk is the purest form of desi cow milk that comes from healthy and selected cows. Punjab’s dairy farmers seem lukewarm to the idea of rearing indigenous cow breeds such as Sahiwal and Gir, despite the state government launching a subsidy-cum-training scheme encouraging them to start desi cattle units. Jul 19, 2015 Indian elite cows, whose price ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000, are more heatand disease-resistant, and also have a higher number of  Heifer cow gift donations can change the life of a family. IndianCattle. We are in India, manufacturers Producing Herbal Panchagavya (CowPathy) based natural ayurvedic products which is Enjoy the Farm Fresh Desi Cow milk in Chennai at your doorsteps. Cow-calf producers now have a comprehensive and confidential breakeven calculator to estimate the  . Filter — India, over the past few decades, imported several exotic cow varieties to gain a boost in milk production. Klimom provides you farm fresh A2 milk,organic cow ghee other cow products. Get best price and read about company and get contact details and address. Bring home one of the most loved Desi Cow Vedic A2 Ghee by thousands of regular customers. Desi doodh, or A2 milk from indigenous cows, is becoming the latest health fad, with small dairies and big brands like Amul entering the market. Age and price of the cow. ltd. Fresh Desi Cow Milk is chilled as quick as possible to maintain freshness and avoid bacterial growth. Get Pasteurized Desi Cows Milk By Healthy Gir Cows. Visit our website . ler day plz A2-Desi Cow Milk delivery in Mumbai - Boivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091 - Rated 4. 1 Haryana Breed This video covers the four Indian Breed cows , which are of very High Milk Yield 16-18 Litres Milk per day and which are also available for sale @Village #Harita, District-Hissar, Haryana. Pure Desi Cow Ghee is also known for its medicinal use. Ayurveda has traditionally considered desi cow ghee to be the healthiest source of edible fat with many beneficicial properties. We produce milk without chemicals, pesticides, synthetic hormones, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. It takes 25 liters of pure fresh A2 milk to make 1 liter of Desi Gir Cow Ghee. The best reason to save the desi cow has nothing to do with bovine politics. Vanam is one of the leading brands of Fresh and Natural A2 cow milk in them with organic manure and advice to farm, free of cost and by later buying the  May 6, 2016 For desi breed 'Sahiwal', Punjab luring farmers with special benefits The department will also purchase male calves of cows producing more  Jan 24, 2019 NAGPUR: The state government has included low-yielding indigenous breed of cows in its cattle purchase subsidy scheme for farmers. As the availability of desi cow milk is low, the price of the milk will be slightly higher. Explore princesswhite princesswhite's board "Desi Cow" on Pinterest. Made using 100% Desi Cow Milk from indigenous cows, our Desi Cow Ghee offers dollops of natural goodness. In Punjab, for example, 80% of the state's one lakh stray cattle are exotic breeds. Pure Desi Ghee Price Online Shopping: Buy India's Most Premium & Authentic Bilona Pure Desi Cow Ghee Online Shopping at price Rs 2400/- at SureshDesiGhee. Benefits of Desi Gir Cow Bilona Ghee-a. Price: Rs 217. Go-Desi milk arrives steadfast from farm to your homes at your convenience. Our ancestors were very much aware of benefits of Desi cow but over a period of time we started neglecting our very much own Indian breed cows due to less milk yield As now a days many people has Poster details. Nov 30, 2013 It has been shown that a large number of cows leave the herd early in lactation largely due to metabolic health reasons, and the risk of death is  Welcome to the CattleFax Cow-Calf Breakeven Calculator. There are many brands in the market that are providing desi cow ghee, but as we know brand could be great but not necessarily the product. Q2: how much gir cow gives milk (gir cow milk per day)? Gir cow gives approximately 2-3 liters of milk per day. One of these items ships sooner than the other. So… You can always compare cow ghee price and vanaspati ghee price of the Bigbasket with your local markets Besides the long list of ghee nutrition, it is heat stable as well, that means it can be a great choice for cooking healthy food. We take extreme care of our Desi Cows by feeding them with Organic foods and let them freely graze the greens. Cow Ghee is used to improve the mental and physical health through the ages. 5 based on 10 Reviews "HE MILK GOKUL , AAREY MADHE KA NAHI ????? We at GavyaMart. Minimum Order Quantity : 1; Unit of Measure : Piece/Pieces; Get Latest Price . So just dont go by money and save our Native Indian COW BREEDS, encourage other people also to do the same. 6K likes. May 13, 2014 at 7:00 AM For the starters, the black N White cattle is not Jersey, it is Holstein Friesian. Rameshwari Natural Farm Rameshwari Natural Farm has been started by Mr. Indian Sahiwal Cow originally belongs to the Montgomery tract now in Pakistan. Dairy Farming Challenges. Get latest info on Organic Cow Ghee, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Organic Cow Ghee prices for buying. Indian breed (sindhu, kangayam) - minimum 8 to maximum 12 liters milk per day 4. Desi cow ghee is the one food which has very strong and posotive on both physical and mental health. Ghee is prepared by boiling cow milk up to 42 degrees temperature then it is mixed with curd cultures and incubated. It is milk. Pure desi-ghee is also known for its medicinal use as sinus patients are prescribed to pour few drops of pure desi ghee in their nose and sometimes ghee drops are useful for improving the eye sight. To know about desi cow milk price, just contact at 9810628387. . The Captains Farm is brainchild of Capt. 1. In case we foresee a delay beyond the indicated delivery timeline, we will keep you informed. The second order was a scam and it was not the consistency of desi cow ghee. Hi All, We are looking for good variety of desi indian cow like Sahiwal,Kankrej,Holstein ,Brahman ,Red Sindhi ,Tharparkar ,Nelore etc . Pure Cow milk in Pune Cow Milk in Mumbai Desi milk Pune Desi milk Mumbai A2 milk Pune A2 milk Mumbai Home delivery of milk pure milk in Pune pure milk in Mumbai Divya Kamdhenu A2 Desi Cow Ghee - Tin Packaging (5 Ltr. Buy cow products made from indigenous Indian breed desi cows. I bought one jar and it was great the ghee was grainy, did not solidify at colder temperature and smelled of genuine desi cow ghee. Dairy Farming Common Mistakes. Milk Desi Cow Ghee #HealthyGhee. Patanjali All Products & Medicines List with Price Top Cows, Cattle Desi/Breeds/Imported Price in Pakistan With Pictures For Dairy Breeds fall into two main types, regarded as either two closely related species, or two subspecies of one species. Abhishek ( Merchant Navy) , who has a passion to provide pure desi gir cow milk to everyone. Desi cow ghee is also known as clarified butter. Nov 21, 2017 The disruption of complex supply chains that had linked Indian dairy “If farmers are not able to sell their redundant cattle, the cost per unit of  As much as 30 lits of gir cow milk is required to make just 1 liter of aromic, exclusive,pure, tasty desi ghee which offers inumarable health benefits namely  Buy Amul Cow Ghee 500 Ml Pouch Online At Best Price. The Jersey is a British breed of small dairy cattle from Jersey, in the Channel Islands. Indian (Desi) Cow milk is revered as an elixir of life, because it has A2 proteins that comes with several health benefits. Returns & Refund Policy. Clients can get Jersey Cow from us at competitive prices. Farm Fresh Pure Desi Cow Milk - From Forest Grazed Cows To Your Home, Our desi cows graze wild grass and herbs in the forest and produce pure A2 milk many madicinal properties that is best for our health Go Srushti Ecoorganics LLP - offering 500 ML Desi Cow Milk, Packaging: Packet at Rs 70/litre in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Trusted Premium & Pure A2 Gir Cow's Milk In Pune. Tags: a2 cow, cow, desi cow, gir, nambi -9842493327, sir We supply Pure Gir Cows of 1st & 2nd lactations directly from Gujarat to all over India We provide all documents free of cost for smooth passage of state borders. 60000. Showing all 8 results Bilona Ghee, Daily Needs, Desi Cow Ghee Gavyamrut Bilona Desi Ghee 15 Litre. Focusing on this mission will not only improve the life of cows, but will also preserve nature by conserving the quality of soil, water, and air, and improve human life by providing higher quality milk Two Brothers Organic Farms is a certified family run organic farm, it is home to 60 gir cows and has fruit orchards. Our cows are fed with natural fodder and cattle feed wihtout chemical or animal ingredients. We are a Delhi NCR based store listing wide range of Desi Cow Products from best ayurvedic brands and biggest Desi Cow Gaushala's. Find here online price details of companies selling Fresh Cow Milk. Check A2 Ghee price, benefits, reviews and ratings online. Undoubtedly, ghee is a staple for all of us and a favourite one too! It originated in the Indian subcontinent and has been used for centuries in medicine, Ayurvedic therapies and religious rituals, apart from food. Advertising “An average Holstein Friesian (HF) cow gives 10,000-12,000 About VITA farms . Raw & Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk in food grade triple layer milk pouches . Our desi milk is 100% pure, natural, unprocessed, and unadulterated. Many Health Benefits. Ghee is traditionally made from cow’s milk. Ghee made with cow's milk usually has a yellowish hue while that of buffalo's milk is white in colour. Non-homogenized, non-toned milk and minimally pasteurized. Buy pure Indian desi cow ghee, cow dung, go mutra, natural and herbal products online, personal care, health care, home care products - Pathmeda Online Store Mr. This milk in non-toned, non-homogenised, unadulterated whole milk. iOrganic cow milk is naturally produced without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and toxic pesticides. 100% Money Back Guarantee. 9 OZ : Grocery & Gourmet Price: $47. Find here details of companies selling Organic Cow Ghee, for your purchase requirements. Nandhaa Dairy Farm was founded in 2015 with a vision to establish a pure breed Gir Cow (Bos inducus) Dairy farm in India with the sole purpose and goal to provide the next generation of India with unadulterated and 100% Pure Desi Cow Milk. Deshi lal Amrut Ghee, the best A2 ghee in India, is pure A2 cow ghee made explicitly from A2 cow milk; gir cow ghee, desi cow ghee. The Gir cow milk is a highly beneficial food which is rich with numerous nutrients. We are proud to be the only Desi cow milk & A2milk supplier in Hyderabad. The benefits of using ghee in everyday diet can help you to maintain a good health for a long run. Buy 100% Pure and Organic Grass Fed Gir Cow Ghee made using Vedic Process with Cash On Delivery in India. Desi cow A2 milk in Bangalore, Haritas supplies high quality, Organic, 100% fresh raw A2 cow milk in Bangalore, Call us 7090522333 to get real A2 cow milk in bangalore The quality of Indian cow milk is the best in the world with numerous benefits. Therefore Desi cow milk is well digested by kids and adults alike. Annam milk provide you the best and Pure Organic Milk in Chennai which is A2 milk variety. About Nandhaa Dairy Farm. Regularly using ghee helps to improve cold sores, burns, lips and mouth ulcers and many Ayurvedic medicines are prepared with Cow Ghee. The most favorable part is, it does not go through any of the processed ways followed by other wholesalers in the segment. Cowboys. Much of the cow milk available in the market is A1, from crossbred or foreign cows. The milk that you relish comes from the famous breed of cattle called Gir Cow. 0 out of Filter by price. As per ayurveda texts desi cow ghee also improves memory,intellect and strengthen the brain and nervous system. You can conveniently place your return request if you've received an item in a 'Damaged', 'Defective' or 'Not as Described' state. We offer natural and pure desi cow milk which contains only the best casein protein with essential nutrients at a good price that everyone can afford. We are also planning to separate Shankar cow milk and desi cow milk. Our approach for our products is traditional and completely natural towards our dairy desi Gir cows. It has a rich flavour, creamy texture and that beautiful aroma, many of you have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk. When it comes to milk, we believe in providing you with the best quality. Also find here related product comparison. Kesariya farm is an organic farm in mumbai, maharashtra, committed to international standards of organic dairy farming. Malnad Desi Cow Milk is naturally produced without use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. With Picture only American Cow Pakistani Bully Puppies Desi cow HF Cow. This trend has a positive impact on desi cow milk price. Rs. Helps in weight loss: The type of saturated fat that Desi Ghee has is the short-chain-fatty acid. Produces desi cow ghee, moringa powder All types of cow available for sale and those cows are vacinated periodically. Get best price & best quality organic A2 milk with free home delivery at Baner, Balewadi, Wakad, Warje, Katraj, Narhe, Parvati & Bibwewadi in Pune. We supply pure and organic cow milk to your doorstep within hours of milking. 5. DearCows an initiative by One Cow One Family Foundation delivers Fresh Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk across Mumbai straight to your doorstep. Get the shudh desi ghee benefits right at your doorstep. It is likely that humans have been making Indian cow ghee since milk became a part of diet. KNOW THEM BEFORE YOU START. Its best thing u can do to mankind. Milk is a way of life and your health is our top most priority. Jersey cow - minimum 14 to maximum 20 liters per day 3. com an Online store are dedicated to cow care protection movement, Buy Panchgavya herbal cow products online for a healthy life and to strengthen Indian Economy. The price varies with location, cow breed and brand. org is Online, dedicated to cow care protection movement, aim and bounded with ‘How Desi Cow Can Be Value-added’. However, in this age of refined oil, people forgot all the benefits of desi cow ghee. The price of desi ghee or vedic ghee is costlier than the normal ghee as there is no use of any machines or chemicals in the preparation. English mastiff Bigal Lebra Holestin . Fresh, real and premium quality. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Fresh Cow Milk for buying in India. Mumbai’s First Packaged Desi Gir Cow A2 Whole Milk. Dairy Animals Exporters, indian Murrah Buffalo Exporter, Dairy Animals Exporter company in india. Ahimsa (protected), cruelty free process of serving cows as a community member. If we talk about A2 Cow Products or India Cow Products then you must remember our name as we have long list of best quality A2 Milk Products. Buy Pure Desi Cow Ghee Online : Order Now. 2500 per litre. Farm fresh forest graced pure Desi Cow Milk (A2 Milk) delivered to your home. The Indus Milk Company brings to you A2 Desi Cow Milk that has medicinal values and the following benefits: Improves intelligence and development of children’s brain DESI COW Products - #210 Y,13th Main,3rd Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India 560010 - Rated 0 based on 3 Reviews "Natural World in Vadgoansheri Pune Vrindavan Desi Cow Milk is naturally produced without use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. Help Heifer International reduce world hunger by providing livestock to families around the world. Gouamrut Pure Desi Cow Milk - Buy Mother Dairy Products at best price of Rs 45 /piece from Akshaya Gou Products. 1 kg ghee price is Rs. Panchagavya - Explore list of all our Panchagavya Cow Products and Ayurvedic Medinces at one place. Shipping Mode:Your order is normally processed within one working day of having received the order. It is prepared using the traditional Vedic hand churning method without any chemicals. A2 Desi Cow Milk. 5 lakh. I don’t know why here in India we still call it Jersey cow? And later is of course our very own Desi Cow. Gir cow costs between Rs 50,00 to over Rs 1. 2. The Indus Milk Co brings to you Pure A2 Desi Cow Milk in 2 kinds of packaging, giving the consumers the freedom of choice. Unprocessed Buy cow products made from indigenous Indian breed desi cows. Milk is raw, chilled below 4℃ and packed in 500ml food grade triple layer pouches and proper cold chain is maintained until it reaches the consumer. VITA farms is a very honest, simple and pure thought of providing vedic A2 milk from the cow, without any adulteration, directly to the consumers table , the way we did it in the past. While there were over 70 breeds of cows in the country at the time of independence, today we have only 40 breeds of cows  Isha Vasyam A2 Ghee Desi Gir Cow's Vedic Traditional Grassfed Ghee, Price: ₹ 1,800. A2 Ghee is made from A2 milk. desi cow price