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How to fix a broken headlight housing

We help you decipher the many headlight options (like HID, LED, and halogen) and  Jun 7, 2018 Repairing car headlights can be an expensive affair for car owners. No matter your vehicle type, you can find a perfect fit to make your vehicle look and function great for years to come. com and automd. You might also want How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a How to Remove  Basically, your need is to keep moisture out of the headlight assembly. Remove the headlight assembly per service manual instructions. Press down on this clip to release the light bulb. It lasted for maybe a few days (after being fully cured and in the car) and then just broke again. 1 or 2 is it illegal to do that? Remove the power connector from the back of the headlight. *HEADLIGHT adjustment screw broken?-FIX* I just had to do this because i was aiming my headlights, and accidentally turned the screw a little too far and broke the housing on the inside of the headlight. Still, for a headlight, it should still come in under $300 CAD. Many new car bulbs are easily accessed from under the hood by turning a retaining ring and pulling the bulb socket out, but if you have to access the bulb by F150 Headlight FAQ Walkthrough Draft how to fix a broken f-150 headlight, what bulbs you need in your truck, and how to upgrade your lights. Even a minor auto accident can break the housing of the headlight. Remove the ballast. Inspect the housing. Headlight and Tail Light Problems. First, make sure you clear the broken tail light or headlight of any debris. You will need to remove the old lense and SILICONE or GLUE the new lens onto your exhisting housing, do you understand what i mean? The lenses don't just pop off and pop back on with clips or anything, they are glued on there. You'll want to replace the entire headlight unit, referred to as Even an undamaged headlight can develop condensation simply because of the natural heating and cooling of the bulbs. Another reason for headlights to fill with condensation is the bulb socket gaskets may not LEAKPRO® developed headlight leak repair in the mid 1990's and  Results 1 - 24 of 3250 It may be time to replace your headlight lenses if they are malfunctioning or are broken, cracked, foggy or cloudy. How to identify load paths in a headlight tab and how to weld it for maximum strength. A blown out low beam bulb can make it difficult to see at night and driving with your high beams on all the time can make it difficult for other drivers to see. The Trusted Leader in Auto Headlights We started HeadlightsDepot. points on the white rear housing will allow water to drain out and vapor I’m going to add another vote to replace it. With a die grinder or similar tool cut out '06 Lotus Exige headlight attachment point broken - proposed fix It is supposed to have a narrow plastic bridge connecting the open ends, to which a speed nut clips to and serves as the fastener for an allen head bolt. Like when you look at lights in a swimming pool. When you get your car headlights replaced at a Firestone Complete Auto Care store, all headlight bulbs come with a 90-day warranty. to try and "fix" one of the tabs on the housing Use these four simple steps to determine if your bad headlight or taillight is caused by a burnt-out bulb, a corroded socket or a bad wire. My driver's side headlight is broken so I was wondering if I can still legally drive it during the day without getting a ticket. While this may be an affordable way for today’s auto manufacturers to build cars, the fact remains that plastic simply does not last as long as metal. Headlight retrofits are typically around $500-800 but I would tack another $300 on top for the spare housing/labor. We service more than 40,000 vehicles a day. Holding the bulb's plug end, stick it into the back of the headlight. Remove the bulb by sliding it back out of the plastic housing. Should you find yourself with a headlight that is flickering on and off, the most common issue is a poor connection somewhere along the line. professional supplied by www. I've seen people cover their broken headlight with tape, and it makes me cringe. might ad some jb weld to the screw. Bob had a chance at our video shoot to answer the question. If the headlight housing is broken, there could be more aspects of your lights that have been damaged from the collision. We are going to show you both, if you just need to change the bulb as well as if you want to replace your headlight with new headlights from 1A Auto, as the headlights age in these cars, they get faded and clouded, and obviously, they can get broken, and new headlights from 1A Auto will help you see better and fix your problem. Remove the screws or bolts holding the headlight housing in place. com Cars is your go-to resource for coverage of local car news, events, and reviews. If not, replace the damaged bulb. I first noticed it when one of my headlight beams appeared to be moving. Failure to do this will result in bigger problems for you in the long run. Quick Lens mounts quickly and easily on flat or curved surfaces with a special adhesive gasket forming a wea Audi: Why Aren't the Adaptive Headlights Working? Fixing adaptive headlights may seem difficult, but sometimes it is a simple fix. But the mechanics of getting them to stay in place can be tricky. You'll want to replace the entire headlight unit, referred to as ‘How do I fix my car’s headlight plug?’ July 21, 2017. How to Replace Headlight Bulb and Assembly Do you have a broken headlight? No sweat. 3 out of 5 stars 62. Remove the bulbs and any harness parts/brackets that are easy to take off of the housing. We are your one-stop shop for premium headlights on the market. Headlight repairs may not be as cheap as you might expect, as some can cost more than $1,000. Let's begin with the headlight switch in the instrument panel. I know this is common. Help to fix LED headlight firmly on fairing or nacelle. If the oils on your skin get on the glass bulb, it can burn out as soon as you turn on your headlight. Remove any other parts that keep you from accessing the headlight housing bolts. Wax in a one-foot radius around the headlight lens, but not the lens itself, in order to protect your paint in case any compound drips onto it. I was hoping to temporarily fix it with duct tape or something but can't because the break is in the 90* angle right where the bracket is screwed into the fairing. only on high beam or low beam, the dimmer switch may have broken. This stuff works for pretty much anything, plastic or otherwise. Remove this rubber cap and turn the knob on the back of the headlight motor counter-clockwise until the headlight reaches its apex. Save how to fix headlights to get e-mail alerts and updates on FOR 2009-2014 FORD F150 PICKUP PAIR CHROME HOUSING AMBER SIDE HEADLIGHT/LAMP SET. How is that possible? We have the details. If broken, our MVS forum users have a quick DIY fix! If your Volvo headlight wiper seems to have a mind of it’s own or just doesn’t care to work, take a look at the headlight wiper motor, as electrical connections can become loose over time, gears can break, and the plastic motor casing is fairly weak. Its remarkable that it doesn't shake around mroe when I'm driving. It's best to go to a car repair shop to get it fixed, or in your situation, wait for the replacement. If you must touch the glass of the bulb, do so using the tissue or rag. QUICK LENS will fix a typical broken taillight lens in place, without removing the housing. Turned out I was seeing water sloshing around, causing weird patterns. Carefully push or screw it in and make sure it’s secure. These days it's fairly rare to see a car with a broken headlight. First, your headlight's brightness will be greatly compromised, making it difficult for you to see the road at night or under harsh weather conditions. It not only can be hazardous, but driving without functioning tail lights and head lamps also can affect other drivers around you. Oct 26, 2017 Find out how to care for the headlights on your vehicle and even how to Cracked headlight lenses: There are both liquid repair solutions and  Sep 4, 2015 My options are, buy a new headlight assembly - about $400 or buy a "Repair Kit" for $25 from Ebay - Jaguar x Type x Type Headlamp  If you are having a problem with your projector headlights the first and cheapest place to If the metal strip on the inside is broken you need to replace the fuse. Oil from your fingers on the glass bulb can cause the headlight to fail prematurely. be useful in giving you the instructions on how you can access the broken headlight. com had an aftermarket taillight that looks and performs exactly like the OEM, for almost half the cost the dealer was asking. 8T Jetta, GTI, Golf MK4, and Audi B5 and B6. “If you go to the dealership, it will always be more expensive,” Enlow says. When I pulled the headlight relay, I noticed some corrosion on the connectors on the relay itself. Replace the clip (if you have one), dust cover, and power connector. Typically the best place to start is new headlight bulbs, as they are often the culprit and one of the cheapest and easiest things to fix – even if new headlight bulbs don’t fix the problem, you’ll eventually need to replace them anyway, so consider it preventative maintenance. This may require a slight turn to get it loose. Headlight Restoration in Tulsa and Broken Arrow | Lens restoration for older cars Even having brand new bulbs does not fix the problem when lens covers are  If your car is damaged in an accident you can claim the damage to your car as part of a personal injury claim in order to get money to repair your vehicle. Check with B&M Auto  Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Lens Repair - Headlight Tail Light from AutoZone. The tape can melt and end up being useless after just a few hours. Slide the headlight back in the socket and twist if necessary to make sure it’s locked into its spot. The headlight housing is now completely free, just take it out of the car. It's not noticeable unless you're looking for it, but it I know it's there. HID vs. Race car drivers Sometimes it is necessary to tape over a broken headlight to protect it against moisture rain. To start, remove the headlight unit from the vehicle. If the lamp's lens is broken, if the lens is super cloudy, or if an accident has damaged the housing, things are more complicated. While a headlight may still function with a damaged housing, its integrity is already compromised and the headlight may pop out and dangle outside the car at any time. Remove the plastic housing and replace the I finally got around to trying this fix, but my horizontal adjuster is broken. if that works, once open, adjust and lubricate the hood latch assembly. It will never have the strength it had before and may come apart by some weird fluke and someone  Mar 26, 2015 When bulbs dim or burn out completely, auto experts say it's important to replace them immediately. 1x Universal 7" round LED headlight mounting (. '06 Lotus Exige headlight attachment point broken - proposed fix 2 Attachment(s) While recently removing/replacing the front clam of my 2006 Exige (upgrading the A/C thermostat), I noticed that the driver side headlight housing's top attachment point was damaged; see photo. 15) You will now see the broken adjuster(s). If the problem persists even after you've cleaned the assembly, then probably, the headlights are not aimed properly. R1200GS: Headlight bulb retaining bail fix The Front Lamp warning showed up on my console when I started the bike after breakfast during a recent mid-week ride . Second take off the plastic piece under the headlight and drill a hole from the bottom. A common misdiagnosis for the replacement of a headlight assembly is a shot headlight bulb. Twist the headlight and pull it backward to remove it. When a headlight goes out,   This OE Replacement Headlight Housing and Headlight Kit is all you need when doing . com in 2004 to fill a growing need for affordable, quality, headlights, and, ever since, have striven to reach our goal: to make finding the right replacement headlight fast, easy, and accurate. Common Headlight Problems Shop for Ariens Snow Blower parts today, from 00068800 to 53802700! Find genuine replacement parts along with great repair advice and same-day shipping. . Any loose dirt and grit on the surface of the car leads to even more scratches as you work through the repair process. (just the bracket do not include headlight). If you’re in need of replacements for your 2009 Chevy Cobalt, our selection of custom & factory headlights includes projector beams, LEDs, Halos and more. If you need a new pair, then you shouldn't settle for anything but the best headlight replacement parts for cars and trucks. First, try the simple fix by checking your battery clamp connections. Pictures were taken by Dizzle and it was his idea for the fix so I can't really take the credit. A quick fix would be using a blower to remove the moisture and cleaning the lenses afterwards. Boston. But you can fix broken plastic trim if you follow a few My 2¢ - I had a car that had such a large leak in the top of the right headlight housing that half of the headlight filled with water. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Whether it is due to wear or a parking job gone wrong, broken headlight housing should be replaced as soon as possible. $71. Took the outer fairing off (great time to clean the headlight housing) and found the bracket on the left sideis broken. In this four part video demonstration, learn how to build your own HID projector headlights. (which plugs into Fix broken head and tail lights with replacement car lights from Sears. We're sure this How to Replace a Headlight Assembly article will help you get your car back on track! The link you posted above was the LENS ONLY, the clear lens without the housing (as i understand). To fix or replace them, locate the headlight housing in the front of the car. This also may require a small twist to get loose. Okay everyone we finally have a fix and it's very simple if you haven't done it already. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Before you take the new bulb out of the packaging, grab a tissue or a clean rag. A broken The older headlight motor system is a complicated assortment of relays, motors and switches. T-REX® CLEAR REPAIR TAPE • Aggressive Headlight Lens Cover Problems foggy,haze,crack cracked, broken, faded, yellowish, fogging, aging, scratched Don't need to replace the whole headlight assembly, just need to replace the headlight cover then your headlight can back to life. The whole headlight assembly with bulbs is loose within the housing. On both headlights - one on top corner, one on bottom corner. Brand New. if it still won't open, and it's the cable and not the latch you'll have to replace it anyway, so instead of removing the grill, cut the cable behind the pull lever under the dash where Why Does Water Collect Inside My Car's Headlights? When the clear plastic lens is even a little bit cooler than the air inside the housing, droplets of moisture will condense on the inside of Speedy, perky and sensible when it comes to gas, your Mazda 3 is as ideal as a solo cruiser as it’s a ride for the whole family. It's not really that bad an idea because one gets a brand new front lens and it was Temporary fix for a headlight unit? working or broken headlight might attract cops. Buy HEADLIGHTSDEPOT Chrome Housing Halogen Headlights 4PC SET with Corners Compatible with Ford Expedition F-150 Heritage Includes Left Driver and Right Passenger Side Headlamps: Headlight Assemblies - Amazon. How to fix or replace broken wire harness clips or plugs on all VW and Audi cars: 1. I found the corners housing of my headlights has a small broken piece. How to fix cracked headlight housing on right front passenger side headlight? - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. May 23, 2019 Replacing broken headlight glass (or plastic) or a fogged lens can be done at home. 6 months later, the taillight still looks as good as the OEM one does, these are quality products. Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the headlight bulbs. The problem worsened and looking at the service manual, I decided the headlight relay must be bad. If a headlight lens is cracked  B&M Auto in Waukesha makes broken headlight assembly replacement affordable. 4. In some applications, the bulb will be held in a plastic assembly and will need to be pulled out to be replaced. So many factors can lead you to bringing your car to an auto body repair shop when your car’s lights aren’t working. If it does fix the crack, the UV problem is less of a worry, as long as I protect the lens properly. It will fit the xenon housing but you will need to use the shroud from the xenon housing. Eventually, these plastic components fade and crack, leaving you with the task of replacing it or living with busted parts on your car. These may include air intake parts or radiator hoses, for example. LED vs. If that's the case, this is a sign that your headlight lens needs to be replaced quickly. How to evaluate if a broken tab is repairable based on whether it is visible or hidden. Cellophane and Scotch tape is NOT going to fix this. The left headlight went out on my Don't sweat it. Automotive headlights are constantly having issues. Save yourself a $150+ and give this a shot if you're up to it. One of the weaker engineering features of the Lotus Elise are the headlight and turn signal assembly mounts. 1 year later and I have no complaints from him, tabs are still holding great. Grasp the housing of the bulb and After a little research, it seems the plastic piece connecting the reflector&bulb assembly to the main headlight housing is VERY FLIMSY, and had broken. Mar 25, 2015 If you're not sure how long a vehicle repair like fixing a headlight should take, websites such as repairpal. If you own recessed lights, no doubt you have one or two of them in crooked positions because a mounting clip refused to stay in place. The headlight housing says PP + T20. Make sure its headlights are functioning at the best of their abilities by swapping out those old, cracked or broken housings in favor of a new Mazda 3 headlight assembly from AutoZone. Larry asked us via Facebook about using an automotive headlight bulb in his Harley-Davidson. Before you finish, give the bulb a quick test. Correctable Violations (Fix-It Tickets) and Getting Proof of Correction . David Morin. Remove the dust cover from the back of headlight. The four parts cover the following: Part 1: See how to remove the lens, remove the reflector, level the reflector, and confirm your halogen aim. However, they are often incredibly simple to fix. Anyway you can do that, without obstructing the light, will be good  Feb 20, 2017 Want to do the car headlight repair or installation by yourself? The headlights of your car are one of the key elements that must be always will get repair patches and liquid repair solutions for fixing broken headlight lenses. The average cost to replace the entire assembly is usually . Either a bulb has burned out or a  Think a broken headlight will be a quick trip to the auto-parts store for a new bulb Originally debuted by the Audi R8 supercar a few years ago, LED headlights  I'm going to add another vote to replace it. Turn the headlight upside down, and remove the three screws fixing the ballast to the housing. Rotate the back of the headlight bulb counter clockwise to release it from the plastic headlight housing. This fix is perfect for many older bikes with 6" round headlights. I may try a very high quality UV blocker or film inside and outside of the headlight on my new set of lens, but in the meantime, I would be trying the product I mentioned above and see if it works. Reinsert the socket into the headlamp housing and turn on your lights. Watch how to use T-Rex Clear Repair Tape for your next headlight fix. For Toyota Camry 2007-2009 Headlight Assembly Chrome Housing Amber Reflector Clear Lens Headlamps Replacement (Driver and Passenger Side) 4. I tried to contact both VW and Hella about parts, but neither one sells ANY of the parts inside of the housing separate from the whole headlight I actually used to do those windshield repairs, but this is nothing like a crack on the windshield. Jan 10, 2017 In most states, it is required by law that headlights must be used from sunset the officer will likely give you a simple notice to fix the violation. Your “Notice to Appear” should have the “yes” box checked below “Correctable Violation. Your headlight assemblies should be replaced as they start to wear out or are broken. This switch controls the isolation relay near the left headlight (see picture on the left). How to evaluate whether a damaged headlight is repairable. ” Chevrolet Silverado 2007-2013: How to Replace Headlight Bulb and Assembly. They can gradually become loose from your engine’s constant vibration. 99. Modern headlight systems make it quick and easy on most  Apr 9, 2019 It's worse than running at night with one eye closed: You've lost the illumination from one of your headlights. 2. It is apparently a fairly common issue, which is why I thought Id write up my version of a fix. Take an old dead sealed beam and tape up the glass with duct tape, put it in a paper bag, then whack it with a hammer in about the center of the lens. You can use a special tool or a paper clip! That means, if you break the outer covering of the headlight, chances are you'll have to buy a whole new headlight assembly. How to Fix a Low Beam Headlight. You can't just fix the shell and the lamp. How To: Mustang Headlight Bucket Assembly March 11, 2014 Mustang How To AverageJoe 1967 Mustang headlight assembly is actually pretty easy to do and the procedure is similar for 1965 and 1966 Mustangs as well as the 1969 and 1970 Mustang. Wash the headlight lens and a foot around the lens with an auto detergent. Not only will this brief “how-to” save you time and money,   Jul 27, 2015 To improve night-driving visibility and the appearance of your ride, you need to get rid of headlight condensation. How To: Fix Broken Plastic Tabs on Bumper By Donnie Replace Headlight Bulb on Pontiac G6 Fix a Broken Rear Power Window Regulator in a 2004-08 Chrysler Pacifica Broken headlight fitting - how to fix? Hi all, Recently installed some XenonDepot Xtreme HID Kit into my 07 4Runner - after having some issues with one bulb being slightly brighter than the other I decided to take a look again at my fittings. You have to yank the whole assembly out and replace it with a new one, which means higher costs. Remove each headlight from its housing and check to see if the filaments are intact. com can help. com Recently I began to notice at night a Harley-Davidson headlight problem and passing lamps would blink off and back on occasionally. Your car's headlights can wear out, dim or  Drivers tape headlights for a few different reasons. NEED HELP Is there a way to fix this broken Headlight a new headlight housing. At least the money you put in, will give you an update out of it. In times past, fragile glass headlights were prone to all sorts of problems, like fogging, cracking, shattering, and rusting inside, but the modern version of the automotive headlight is a virtually indestructible plastic. Daytime running lights on a Honda Civic are the same as normal headlights. Mine is broken, and I disassembled the housing and attempted to epoxy the broken adjuster together. Replace gasket, lens and put on clips FRONT TO BACK so you don't chip the Broken tabs seem to be pretty common so I thought I'd share my little tip on how to fix broken bits of plastic. Assuming that you have at least one good tab, make a mold of it with the molding material: Then place the mold where the broken tab used to be: Voila! a new tab! If only one adjuster is broken, you must turn the adjuster on the non-broken adjuster until it is fully unscrewed from the plastic adjuster before you can fully separate the bulb/reflector unit from the rear housing. As for nighttime driving even if just a few miles. They could be too high, too low, or off-center. Don't touch any part of a Halogen replacement with your fingers except the base. Is it illegal to drive with a broken headlight during day hours? When of course it is bright enough. If your headlight isn’t already in the fully up position, you’ll need to get it there manually before removing the assembly. Knowing that I could never retrofit a set of broken lights, I fixed all the tabs with fiberglass. Illuminate your path with new headlight bulbs and, as always, drive confidently knowing your car was serviced at Firestone Complete Auto Care. If you're thinking about buying a used car with a broken headlight, you might not want to believe the seller if he or she tells you it'll just be a "couple bucks" to fix it. If your housing is cracked or broken your headlights will not be able to  Products 1 - 10 of 24885 There are many types of bulbs for car, truck and SUV Headlights. Both are overly dependent on inadequate plastic  If your car headlights keep blowing fuses, you will need to replace them. Driving on a humid night, for example, will heat up the air in the headlight housing, the moisture from the air will then condense on the inside when it cools off. Plastic Headlight Materials and Bonding Methods connect a broken piece. At the very least, you can save yourself the diagnostic fees at the dealer by following our step-by-step diagnostic. You do not have to replace the full headlight assembly to replace the bulb. Not doing so will cause severe damage to your  Polyvance is proud to offer our PR-03 Headlight Tab Repair online training course how to make strong repairs to different types of broken tabs, how to refinish tabs Learning how to repair headlights instead of replacing them allows you to  Reviews on Headlight Repair in Los Angeles, CA - Auto HeadLights Restoration, Joes Headlight Restoration and Windshield Repair, HID LED's Mobile Light  Don't be afraid moisture doesn't mean your headlights are defective or broken. Fortunately, fixing a bad low beam is a 2008-2012 Audi A4 S4 RS4 B8 Headlight Lens Cover Plastic Headlamp Shell Glass Lenses Clean Repair Sale Fix. If you have aftermarket headlights (or any headlight with condensation inside), there are a few things you can do to remove condensation (and prevent it from happening again or at all) from inside them. Some cars have a clip that holds the bulb in place. These molded housings are clipped or bolted to the front end's metal radiator support. You must have a beetle, those headlights are always problematic. Instructions on how to de-fog your headlights: 1. 5 3/4" Headlight Mount Housing Bucket For Harley Electra Glide Bad Boy Duo Glide (Fits: Harley-Davidson) The cost to replace a bulb and headlight can vary greatly depending on the car’s make and model and whether you do the work yourself or have it done at a dealership or mechanic. Put the headlight bulbs in something that will keep them from getting dirty/smudged/greasy. It may take quite a bit of turning before the headlight begins to rise. Pull the headlight off of the vehicle. How to identify the type of plastic from which a headlight housing is made. Recessed lights tuck neatly out of the way and are especially good in low-ceiling areas, like basements. Remove clips and broken lens. Your traffic ticket may be a “correctable violation” or a “fix-it” ticket. first, try smacking the hood at one of the front corners while someone else pulls the release handle. com If the lamp's lens is broken, if the lens is super cloudy, or if an accident has damaged the housing, things are more complicated. Those things force resin into the cracks, but on the headlight, it will just pour into the housing. Driving in the dark can be a tough ordeal when you have a broken light. Is there a relatively inexpensive fix for this? Any good ideas other than going to a 1. An all-weather repair makes this tape ideal for your next project, big or small. If your A4 S4 RS4 B8 HeadLight lens cover have Problems like : Yellowish Scratched Lenses Crack, Cracked, Broken or have fading, faded and fogging, foggy, haze, aging can find us replacement the plastic lens cover glass Repair. headlight-headlamp. The best way I have found is to pull on the top side of the headlight housing (trying to spread the housing outward) from in the engine compartment while at the same time trying to pry it forward with your fingers from the front. Not surprising. You can adjust the headlights using the adjustment screws located at the headlight On one set of headlights I built, the owner brought them to me with several mounting tabs broken but he stated "they're fine, it still holds the headlight on". First take off grill and drill one hole using a 1/8 drill bit from the side. Remove ALL of the bulbs and wiring from the headlights. No wonder, since the whole system works electromechanically. It will never have the strength it had before and may come apart by some weird fluke and someone cuts cut with the glass. If they work, you're done; if they don't, go on to the next step. or even after you've pulled on it. Jan 24, 2019 If you're thinking about upgrading your headlights, read on. At O'Reilly Auto Parts, we  Auto Glass Excellence will repair or replace your vehicle headlights (headlamps) Our technicians will replace your broken headlight or tail lights properly and  Apr 11, 2011 This video shows you how to replace the headlights and bulbs in a truck, so that you won't be slowed down by a broken or burnt out headlight. I extracted a cute little white plastic ball from the bottom of the headlight housing. This how-to will help you fix it in no time. how its supposed to look how mine looked the fix - hopefully it lasts. I purchased a taillight for my Lexus, Go-Parts. Halogen Bought some used headlights and seller didn't disclose the the back was partially broken and and clip missing. For those vehicles with HID or LED lights the headlight assembly repair cost is much higher than vehicles with simple halogen lights. Line up the bulb housing with the open socket. Inspect the headlights to make sure the filaments are not broken. Remove any broken parts from the housing. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT900 (2007-2013). just found out my wifes headlight lens is broken on her new (to her) 2011 f650 twin, no idea how it broke ! any ideas on replacement? I was planning to put a guard on but it broke before I had a chance I saw a video that shows you how to remove the lens of a headlight by baking the headlight in a conventional oven at 250* for a few minutes so that you can pry it off, and from there you can paint your housings, reflectors, etc. Buy a halogen headlight and use the lens off the halogen housing. If you’re in need of replacements for your 2001 Chevy Impala, our selection of custom & factory headlights includes projector beams, LEDs, Halos and more. You'll want to replace the entire headlight unit, referred to as a housing. How do you fix the headlight adjustment if it is broke on the car? pull out headlight. Open the plastic cover on the back of the main headlight, and detach the electrical connector. Carefully remove all the broken glass and discard it. Remove the ballast from the housing. how to fix a broken headlight housing

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